Last weekend a friend and I went for a drive down to the tip of Nagasaki Prefecture, to Wakimisaki-machi (脇岬町) to check out Ripple; a cute cafe by the seaside.

Ripple (full name: Nomozaki Community Cafe- Ripple) is located literally on the foreshore of Wakimisaki Kaisuiyokujou beach and swimming area (脇岬海水浴場). The cafe has a beautiful outlook, which we enjoyed from the cozy interior due to the miserable weather. I can’t wait to get back there on a warm summer day!

As we entered Ripple, we were greeted by two friendly staff members, along with the alluring fragrance of freshly cooked Japanese curry.

Despite the weather, the inside was warm and comfortable; with little trinkets and arty photographs of Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) on walls, tables and hidden all over the place. Neither of us could resist the smell of the curry, so both my friend and I ordered the Weekly Special Japanese curry, or Shuugawari curry (週替わりカレー).

What makes this curry special, is that because each curry broth is flavoured with soup stock made from fish caught by the local fisheries, the flavour changes every week….I’d love to come down here every week to sample all the different curry flavours!    I really need my own car!

To accompany our curry, we were provided freshly distilled sea-salt. According to the waiter, the taste of the salt (like the curry) changes each time they make it. He told us the flavour differs depending on the day they collect the seawater, since each day the currents and tides bring in different amounts of salt and other nutrients.

Our salt had a very light flavour and the consistency of freshly fallen snow- I would have been happy to eat pinch-fulls of it just by itself!

After our curry, we opted for the dessert and drink set. For the drink portion, I got a Columbian coffee blend and added soymilk and sugar crystals to taste.

For dessert, I got the Rice Flour Chiffron cake and my friend got Organic Imoyose (baked sweet potato cakes), which were still warm and gooey when they reached our table. Having thoroughly enjoyed our lunch, we then headed out to explore the lighthouse and lookout on Kabashima Island (樺島) before buying some local Nomozaki produce to take home for dinner. I even spotted this roadside honesty system hut, where we bought 5 huge Mikan Oranges for about $1.40AUD!!

We got rained on and it was cloudy for the whole day, but it was well worth it! I really recommend a drive (either by car or bus) down to Nomozaki; it’s small, but a really beautiful part of Nagasaki!

[Note] Ripple is in a rather awkward place to get to without a car, but never fear- it is do-able. A bus from central Nagasaki city bound for Kabashima (樺島) or Misakikoba (岬木場) will get you there in around 50min.   And you can then catch a bus from the opposite side of the road (near Ripple) to get back. For more information, check out the Nagasaki bus website (Japanese only).

Nomozaki Community Cafe- Ripple (野母崎コミュニティカフェ)
2785 Wakimisaki-machi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Oct – June/ 11:00am – 6:00pm
July – Sept/ 11:00am – 7:00pm (Summer Period)

English Menu: No, but really friendly staff who will do their best to help