Upon speaking to one of my colleagues at a drinking party last week, I learned of a stylish hidden cafe in the heart of Nagasaki city. “It’s located on the fourth floor above the art-house cinema in Hamanomachi“, she told me, immediately sparking my interest.

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a cinema in the area!  

The music have the place an old-world feelThe cafe I’m referring to is Dico Cafe (full name: coffee & sandwich- dico.appartement). Although it’s not completely unknown, it’s hidden away in an actual apartment building in Yorozuya-machi (万屋町). You wouldn’t even know it’s there if it wasn’t for this funky sign near the lift.
Next stop, Dico cafe!I was lucky enough to pop in before there were any other customers (inside the cafe, phone calls and photography are strictly prohibited), so the owners let me snap pictures of my brunch- delectable French Toast with ice cream (フレンチトース&アイスクリーム) and cafe latte (pronounced ‘cafe ole’ カフェオレ).

French Toast w/ ice cream I’ve tried to make French Toast so many times, and I can never get it right, but the staff at Dico know exactly what they’re doing- my toast was light and sweet, fluffy on the inside and a little crispy on the outside, with just the right amount of cinnamon powder and honey drizzled over the top- heaven on a plate!

Freshly brewed 'cafe ole'

Although it wasn’t my usual Italian-style cappuccino, my ‘cafe ole’ was hot and freshly brewed- the perfect accompaniment to my honey-covered tower of toast!

Dico cafe also have coffee beans from all around the world; from Brazilian, Colombian and Mandarin blends, to a sickly sweet (but deadly strong) Vietnamese blend, served with sweetened condensed milk. If you’re not a coffee person, they also stock imported beer (Heineken, Corona and Guinness) and non-alcoholic beverages (fruit juices and soft drinks).

IMG_2192Not confident in Japanese? Upon arrival, the friendly waitress showed me to a seat and immediately asked if I would like to see the English menu. If they’re flat-out busy, or for some reason don’t offer you an English menu, take a look at the blackboard (near the kitchen) to see a list of what’s on offer.

I’m looking forward to trying their BLT toasted sandwich, so I’ll more than likely be back this weekend!!

coffee & sandwich- dico.apartmentCozy apartment-style cafe
401 Central Building, 5-9 Yorozuya-machi, Nagasaki city
[Open] 12:00pm – 10:00pm (Mon, Wed – Sun)
Closed on Tuesdays
Blog: dico.petit.cc