So everyone has their ‘go-to’ place when it comes to local cafes, so here’s mine- Attic Cafe (full name: “DeliciousRestaurantAttic”), located in the Dejima Wharf precinct of Nagasaki city.

Coffee and Cake set 780円 (before tax)I am a coffee person, and when I crave a coffee hit, Japan can seriously be lacking in ‘proper’ coffee. Now, I don’t want to sound prudish, but American ‘black’ coffee is not what I consider real coffee. I need Italian-style, freshly roasted and ground coffee beans that are filtered through a real barista’s coffee machine- not even Starbucks can provide me with such coffee!

The Attic cafe, at Nagasaki’s Dejima Wharf, is one place I can cure my cravings! When I get my ‘Cafe Cappuccino’ (カフェカップチノ), I usually end up ordering the cake set, which includes a generous slice of the cafe’s selection of cakes for 780円 (before tax).

Milk Crepe Cake setI tried the Milk Crepe Cake for the first time yesterday, and I’ll tell you one thing- I’ve been missing out! I am definitely getting this cake set again- yummo!

The Attic cafe specialises in Italian food, but I have to say, I usually just go for the coffee. It is popular with locals and tourists alike, and gets quite busy around 5:30pm (even on weekdays). It looks out onto the Dejima private boat dock, a lovely place to visit on the weekends, or after work!

If you haven’t noticed, the cafe actually specialises in coffee art too. If you get lucky, your waiter may even ask you to request an animal design! They also do coffees with the face of Sakamoto Ryoma (a famous Japanese hero) sprinkled in chocolate powder.

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For some reason, I seem to always get a rabbit, but I got my first dog yesterday- Yay!
IMG_2178-0The restaurant does do take-away coffee, but if you’re in a rush, why not try the new Attic Coffee Stand– located on the street side of Dejima Wharf. Their Grand Opening is today (14th Feb), and I went in today and the barista was this cheerful guy!

Shop front of the Attic Coffee Stand
Delicious Restaurant Attic
1st Dejima Wharf, Nagasaki city
Tel: 095-820-2366
[Open] 11:00am – 11:00pm (Sun- Thur)
11:00am – 11:30pm (Fri & Sat)