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Lunch by the seaside in Hirado

Last Saturday (April 2nd) I rented a car and drove from Nagasaki city to Hirado Island, a drive that took me 3hrs on the back roads.

The reason for my journey was to check out the Kigatsu Thousand Bamboo Lantern Spring Festival (木ヶ津千灯篭春まつり), held at Fumonji Temple (普門寺) each year in preparation for Child’s Day. Continue reading “Lunch by the seaside in Hirado”


An angelic taste of France in Nagasaki

A couple of weeks ago, my dear friend @emilylouisemaitland came to Nagasaki city to visit, and I took her to Patisserie Francaise Little Angels (リトル • エンジェルズ). As you can probably guess from the name, it’s a French Bakery and is stocked with all sorts of freshly baked goodies that are made fresh daily. Continue reading “An angelic taste of France in Nagasaki”

Bayside Seafood Steam-pot restaurant in Obama

While Dad was in Nagasaki, we decided to rent a car and go on a few day trips. One of those trips was to Obama, a small town situated by the deep blue Tachibana Bay and overlooked by the Unzen mountains. Continue reading “Bayside Seafood Steam-pot restaurant in Obama”

I’m going on a cafe hunt in Fukuoka!

Q: I had an afternoon in Fukuoka to kill and it was a glorious warm spring day, so what do you think I did?

A: Go cafe hunting of course!

After doing a little bit of light shopping, I scoured the local cafe sites to find just what I was looking for- a cool, mildly secluded hideaway, with a bit of foliage, in the middle of a semi-concrete jungle. I found that exact thing in dai-tu, a cute little cafe in central Fukuoka. Continue reading “I’m going on a cafe hunt in Fukuoka!”

Lunch by the Seaside in Nomozaki

Last weekend a friend and I went for a drive down to the tip of Nagasaki Prefecture, to Wakimisaki-machi (脇岬町) to check out Ripple; a cute cafe by the seaside. Continue reading “Lunch by the Seaside in Nomozaki”

Hidden apartment cafe in Hamanomachi

Upon speaking to one of my colleagues at a drinking party last week, I learned of a stylish hidden cafe in the heart of Nagasaki city. “It’s located on the fourth floor above the art-house cinema in Hamanomachi“, she told me, immediately sparking my interest.

To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a cinema in the area!   Continue reading “Hidden apartment cafe in Hamanomachi”

So everyone has their ‘go-to’ place when it comes to local cafes, so here’s mine- Attic Cafe (full name: “DeliciousRestaurantAttic”), located in the Dejima Wharf precinct of Nagasaki city. Continue reading “My Frequent Friday Nook”

Last Wednesday, I had the chance to visit a place that I’d had my eye on for a while- Yufuin, in Oita Prefecture. Throughout the day, my friend and I meandered around the small town, exploring the Floral Village and Kirinko lake. Continue reading “An Italian treasure in Oita”

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